Membership at Deerwood Country Club

A member-owned, family friendly private club.

As a private club, membership at Deerwood remains an exclusive privilege. Two current members in good standing must sponsor each prospective member, and each application will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Governors. All memberships are family memberships and include all family members living at home who are under the age of 24. We offer two types of memberships: Equity and Non-Equity (Associate).

Equity Members are shareholders who may vote and hold office. Equity members may choose from Full, Sports, Fitness or Social membership options. Equity partner privileges include: priority tee times; priority event registration and banquet bookings; priorities for lockers; special, invitation-only parties and business meetings. Financing is available for equity initiation fees. Payment plans are available for qualified applicants.

Associate Members do not have any ownership privileges, the ability to vote or hold office. Associate members enjoy a variety of amenities based upon category. Initiation fees are non-refundable.