Golfing Opportunities at Deerwood

Deerwood Country Club welcomes all golfers, of all levels.

It’s no secret that Deerwood Country Club attracts some of the finest golfers in the game, from bona fide professionals to experienced amateur competitors.

Children and teenagers interested in developing their golf skills are welcome to join our PGA Junior program. We offer a developmental program including weekly clinics and golf schools. Deerwood is also an active participant in the PGA Junior Golf League, including two teams. Our tournament schedule includes three major events as well as a variety of entertaining social events throughout the year.

For ladies, we offer the Deerwood Women’s Golf Association (DWGA), a core group of active female golfers at the club. The DWGA offers several key events throughout the year including the Deer Chase Invitational and Member-Member. There are also two weekly play days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and a host of fun social events.

Click here for the 2020 Deerwood Golf Schedule